Find a Hacker on The Dark Web

Hire a hacker for bitcoin

If you want to hire a hacker, then it is best to use an anonymous way of paying them.


Many hackers for hire offer bitcoin now, which is an easy and secure way to pay for their hacking services. visit find a hacker on the dark web 

The dark web hackers at http://ziagmjbpt47drkrk.onion/ accept bitcoin payments for all their services they sell.


Since you most likely want to stay anonymous, it is really important to only pay a hacker with bitcoin and not paypal or similar services.

Just create an account on the dark web hackers tor .onion website and it will show you a bitcoin address.


Use this bitcoin address to buy bitcoins at coinbase, bitstamp or kraken, depending on where you are from.

The dark web hackers website has a wallet integrated, so if you bought too much bitcoins, you can send leftover amounts somewhere else.


But make sure to buy enough bitcoin, prices fluctuate every day.

Dark Web Hackers Link


You need the Tor browser to access this link.

You can also access Dark Web Hackers without Tor browser using the following link:

If this link does not work, download tor browser and use the first link ( http://ziagmjbpt47drkrk.onion/ )


How to stay anonymous while hiring a hacker

If you want to hire a hacker, you most likely want to stay anonymous.

The best way to do that is to use the tor browser from and bitcoin for payments. You will need the tor browser to access the dark web where you can find many hackers for hire.


Make sure to only use sites that have an .onion address, like for example the Dark Web Hackers on http://ziagmjbpt47drkrk.onion

This website can only be accessed with the tor browser, we explained in an older post how to download and install tor.


When going to the dark web it is important to stay safe and anonymous, but with bitcoin and tor browser you are well equiped.

Make sure to also read our other tutorials about hackers and the dark web and things that are important to know for those who are looking to hire a hacker.


Hackers for hire and how to spot scams

When trying to hire a hacker, many people fall victim to scammers.

But it does not have to be that way.

Follow those simple rules and never get scammed again when trying to hire a hacker.


Avoid hackers for hire links you found on the hidden wiki, they are all scams.

Also avoid those that are looking too cheap, no good hacker will work for pennies. It is just a too good to be true situation so be careful.


There are some honest and good hackers on the dark web, unfortunately they are not always easy to find.

One site i have personally tested is http://ziagmjbpt47drkrk.onion

I was in contact with Vladimir and he seems like a nice guy who knows what he is doing, i only needed to regain access to one of my own accounts, and it was only a matter of hours until the job was done.


In future i might test other sites and post them here, stay tuned.

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